Style Consultant – Bringing Out The Real You

Fashion ….. What does this word really mean? Does it mean following the latest trend or wearing high end designer clothes? No. Fashion means wearing outfits that not only draw out your suit personality but reflect the lifestyle you live and your career objectives. So where do you find the help you need to ensure that the clothes you select fit the above criteria? Enlist the services of a style consultant.

What can a style consultant do for you? They will:

  • Consider your daily activities and customize a look that expresses your personality and individuality. 
  • Guide you in making the right decisions about what to wear and what not to wear. This can be achieved in a few ways: 

1.      By analysing your body shape and proportions they will be able to educate and show you how to maximize your body structure to accentuate your best features and downplay certain problem areas.

2.      Assessing your wardrobe and selecting which pieces are suitable. During this process the style consultant will use your current clothes as an example to demonstrate what styles fit correctly on your body and why other ones that don’t .

3.      Taking you shopping (with the knowledge that you have now gained) to show you how and where to purchase clothes that are right for you.

An individual’s appearance influences other people’s view of them. For many years social psychologists have been conducting studies into the impact of visual image on a person’s life. Time after time their results suggest that a person’s appearance has a considerable impact socially and professionally. In our fast paced world, many assumptions and impressions about people are formed very quickly using quite limited information.  For this reason you need to employ the services of a style consultant. If you have experienced divorce, illness, job loss, seeking a new look for a confidence boost or to just want feel good about what you are wearing, you need to enlist the services of a style consultant.

With our current depressed economy, it is imperative to be smarter about your fashion purchases. Living in the perfect world one could enter a high end designer boutique and shop till we drop! But, economically speaking, this is clearly not practical shopping behaviour.  A style consultant can take you shopping in your own closet therefore reducing the cost of buying new clothes. By clearing out your wardrobe and removing clothing that is unattractive, doesn’t fit or is out-of-date, a style consultant is able to see what garments are left over. Usually, a new look can be created by adding to existing outfits. The most significant thing is to make the most of the asset you have already in your wardrobe and stretch it out to get the most bang for your buck. Working on the principle “less is more” a style consultant has the knack of making the most out of what you have already and can create outfits you never thought possible. 

Compliments or a kind word can go a long way to alleviating the stress of wardrobe disasters. A style consultant understands fashion trends and how they can be applied to your particular body structure to get maximum results from minimum effort. When you wear clothes that flatter your figure it completely changes your overall look. When you look good, you feel good and people will undoubtedly notice! With the assistance of a style consultant, you will never be a fashion victim again.